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Why do we give?

You are giving to GOD, not just a church. And when you do, you are fulfilling God’s mission for your life and the church.

When you give, you are…

  • following Christ, for He gave everything for us.
  • changing our world, because you are providing the resources for us to do kingdom work.
  • loving God, because it shows your dependence on and devotion to Him
  • loving people, because you are helping their needs thru our church ministries.

So, here are some biblical principles on giving…

  • First-place: God gets the best and first “fruits” of my labor [Proverbs 3:9]
  • Consistent: Regular, steady giving strengthens my heart, budget, and church [1 Cor. 16:2]
  • Church-based: My stewardship should begin and be based at my home church, where I serve my family and community [1 Cor.16:2, Malachi 3:10]
  • Joyful: The main motivation of giving is the joyful love I have for God [2 Cor.9:7, 1 Chron. 29:9]
  • Grace-filled: I have freedom and responsibility in Christ to move to generosity in my giving [2 Corinthians 8:7b-8, 9:7a, Proverbs 11:25]
  • Proportionate: Giving a percentage of my income is a great way for me to evaluate and grow my stewardship [1 Cor.16:2, Deuteronomy 16:17, 26:12]
  • Sacrificial: At times in my life God will peak my growth and build my faith by prompting me to give beyond my ability to a special need [2 Corinthians 8:3-4].

How does First Cantonment handle my giving?

BUDGET. The church budget is merely a tool to accomplish our mission. It is prayerfully designed annually by our pastors and staff, department by department, and guided by financial team and financial secretary. s. Once approved it is prayed over and affirmed by our church at a church business meeting.

SYSTEM. We take the handling of money seriously, because it belongs to God. From collection, counting, recording, accounting, and spending of funds our practice is guided by integrity, transparency, and wise stewardship. The appropriate audits are conducted on a regular basis.

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